I am available to run small groups and workshops, either as one-offs, as a series of sessions or part of a larger event.
De-stressing and Refreshing Groups

This is a 30 minute session that I can deliver in a lunch break at the workplace! Find out what it feels like to be soothed into a light trance and have your tension eased away. Then be refreshed and reinvigorated ready for the afternoon.

Avoiding Burnout

Do you find that you want to give more but you have simply run out of energy? Are you in danger of running yourself into the ground? Is your whole team feeling demoralised? This two-hour workshop may be what you need to get you your life back in balance.

Basic Listening Skills

One day training workshop for people who work with people. Good listening is the key to good communication. Most of us think we are able to listen, but all of us can improve our listening with a little guidance and lots of practice. This workshop will help you increase your skills and confidence and perhaps change your attitude to your work with others.

Introduction to Facilitation Skills

I have developed a one day workshop for therapists, trainers and others who want to work with groups but don’t know where to begin. Group work does not seem to be covered in most training courses. Groups can be very rewarding but they can be disastrous so I would like to help people improve their chances of getting it right!

Talks and Presentations

Introducing Hypnotherapy
Stress and Relaxation

Contact me to discuss what you want for your group event. I can tailor my programme to your needs.